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Obsessed with Life

29 Jan. 2012 Posted by Alexandra Berauer in the 12:21 Project

Was on Garza Snyder Live in DC this afternoon. We kicked off by discussing the response to Rick Santorum's interview with CNN's Piers Morgan about abortion in cases of rape. You know, a little light banter to get things rolling.I thought Morgan's opening question was telling: "On abortion, you did harden your position on that as you got older--why was that?" I would have liked to stop Piers right there and ask why the view in favor of life is the "harder" position. Seems odd. I guess he was teeing the ball for the real question, which was "If you had a daughter who'd been raped and was pregnant and begging you to let her have an abortion, would you really then look her in the eye as her father and say no?"