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Weekly ITPS: False Paradigms and the Welfare State

24 Mar. 2012 Posted by The Angry Man in Podcast: ITPS Weekly

Listen in as the In the Public Square team discusses two recent subjects in the news cycle.  First, Mr. Curmudgeon notes the transparent media bias in the reporting of the murder in Toulouse, France of several French soldiers and a Jewish family by a “lone wolf” Muslim terrorist.  Authorities and news agencies first speculated that the murderer was probably a “right wing” neo Nazi.  Conservatives, of course are outraged.  Yet conservatives and especially Christians need to stop responding emotionally and begin to unpack the meaning of words like racist and Nazi, which are indisputably products of secular humanist thought and are, therefore, closely related to leftism.  Indeed, Islamic Fundamentalist hatred of Jews  is an offshoot of National Socialist (Nazi) propaganda.  Why are conservatives defensive? The news cycle provides little time for thoughtful commentary or editorial, yet, the political right MUST begin to break the media and leftist association of the term “right wing” with racism and Nazism.  To challenge this paradigm “the right” needs to provide explanations and history, not just sound bite rebuttals—by responding in outrage the political right accepts these labels as valid.  Second, the ITPS team discusses the second anniversary of the Obama Healthcare Plan.  Christians and conservatives need to disassociate themselves from the standard economic arguments against healthcare and the welfare state.  The political right needs to engage health care and the welfare state as moral questions.  Isn’t there a moral argument against the welfare state?  Isn’t there a legal argument?  These and other subjects are discussed in this fast moving hour-long discussion.

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