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Weekly ITPS: Liberal Racism, Social Darwinism and the Right

8 Apr. 2012 Posted by The Angry Man in Podcast: ITPS Weekly

Listen in as the In the Public Square team discusses the present Supreme Court case regarding Obamacare and the fascinating possibility that Obama will be blamed for a catastrophic policy mistake even though Candidate Obama never advocated the single payer provision in the act that is being challenged!  Conversation over the next two programs will turn on the fact that, like so often, the Left has used and will use again the black vote, and in this case, Obama, to shield itself from obvious criticism.  Instead, the Left has advanced its own agenda, and will readily throw Obama under the bus, if its pet project is rejected and national health care, (never the highest priority of the black vote) is rejected or is cut up into an unworkable monstrosity. 

Slide Show: