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Weekly ITPS: The Beam in the GOP's Eye

3 Mar. 2012 Posted by The Angry Man in Podcast: ITPS Weekly

Listen in as Host Nick Ellis, and commentators Mr. Curmudgeon and John Snyder discuss the troubles in Afghanistan.  With riots and murders touched off by the burning of Qurans, is it time to get out?  Discussion turns on the nature of nation building and the error of trying to rebuild a nation on the cheap.  Unlike the American post war policy in Japan and Germany, the United States under George Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld attempted to reconstruct Afghanistan and Iraq with a “light footprint.”  Demonstrating the Republican propensity to think like Marxist materialists, the GOP thought the US could reform a nation by building “infrastructure,” rather than undertaking the long hard work of teaching Muslims how to become tolerant democrats and demanding a constitution friendly to liberty levitra online.  This is why it is wrong to blame Obama for the troubles in Afghanistan.  If American blood and treasure was to be spent, democracy should have been imposed; a supervised education should have been implemented.  Neither of these policies was employed because such undertakings  require  a commitment to a clear worldview—something Bush and America do not have.  We thought money and machines could do the work of teaching a nation how to be civilized.  The second half of the show turns on the question of whether Romney is the man to save the United States from the impeding economic and foreign policy disasters heading our way. 

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