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Weekly ITPS: The Good Man's Dilemma

14 Apr. 2012 Posted by The Angry Man in Podcast: ITPS Weekly

What do we do as Christians when given a choice between two methods of national suicide?  With the apparent certainty of Romney’s Republican candidacy, a dreadful choice confronts Americans: shall the Ship of State be wrecked on the iceberg of economic disaster at 25 knots or shall we hand the pilothouse over to a man who will run America into the destruction at 20 knots?  While there are some measurable differences, especially as they may effect Supreme Court nominations, is Romney willing and able to turn the Titanic hard to right?  Is the apparent GOP nominee eloquent enough and insightful enough to explain to us that our problem is really much deeper than debt?  The problem is the America people, themselves.  We need someone to explain and lead the country into insight.  In short, we, Americans, are the problem.  Like Obama, Romney is a symptom of our deep moral confusion.  Romney fully expresses the empty materialist nihilism of the Right. There is nothing in Romney’s resume to indicate that there is any belief system at his center.  What are we to do?  What is to be done?  Listen in as Mr. Curmudgeon and John Snyder survey the reasons why a Romney’s candidacy is a catastrophe for America, and how desperately we need a dark horse candidate, a third party to emerge to offer some leadership in this time of national crisis.

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