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Welcome to the new ITPS!

7 Feb. 2012 Posted by The Angry Man in

Welcome to the new ITPS website!

We have been hard at work rebuilding in the Public Square.

Our new site contains new features and functionality. Among these include

·         New Articles updated daily and weekly by our writers.

·         New Podcasts including.

§  In the Public Square Weekly

§  In the Public Square Monthly (Free)

§  Curmudgeon Moments

§  Snyder Squared

§  Garza Snyder Live

·         Newsletters subscriptions for periodic updates delivered directly to your inbox.

·         New abilities to create user accounts, post comments and track threads.

·         RSS News Feeds

·         New ITPS Store

·         New print friendly and pdf articles for sharing documents.


These are just a few of the exciting improvements we are now providing. This is just the beginning - more changes will be come in the future as we seek to provide the best conservative and Christian commentary anywhere on the net.


Create an account and participate directly in discussions on our posts as well.


Sign up for any or all of our newsletters.


Please consider donating to our cause. We are entirely self-funded. All  participants at ITPS contribute THEIR OWN time and money in order to provide this service to the public... keep articles on the web and podcasts on the net costs money — please consider contributing a gift to IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE. Any size contribution helps.


Most important, consider sharing our website and articles BY means of  your Facebook, emails and  word of mouth. Our focus is on American culture—a culture that grievously needs wisdom and guidance. It is our aim to effect a cultural reformation in our country and our culture, and that's only possible by your support.


Welcome to the new In the Public Square