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To the degree to which dialog and discussion are essential to the political and cultural health of a community, the avenues of political, religious, cultural, and economic discussion must be open and dynamic.

23 Feb. 2012 Posted by John Snyder in Through a Glass Darkly

Leap of Faith to the White House (Part II: Truth Matters)

*also see Part I: Leap of Faith 

I am decidedly persuaded that truth matters. I am decidedly convinced that a property of truth is that it adheres fully only to true things, which is to say that truth does not adhere to things that are false. The more truth we know, the more truth we are prepared to receive. The more true things we perceive, the more likely it is that we are alert to the presence of error in our judgment.

22 Feb. 2012 Posted by The Angry Man in Podcast: ITPS Weekly

Weekly ITPS: The Church of Gynecology

Christians are often accused of tearing down the wall of separation between Church and State.  Listen in as Host John Snyder and Tea Party Tribune journalist Stephen Z. Nemo develop their ideas about the operations of the political Left when it comes to invading the estate of the Church.  Under Obamacare, the Department of Health and Human Services has mandated that Christian Institutions provide birth control when their activities are not exclusively religious.

16 Feb. 2012 Posted by John Snyder in Through a Glass Darkly

Leap of Faith to the White House

Mitt Romney

By John Snyder

With the apparent front-runner status of Mitt Romney as the Republican Candidate for President, Bible- believing Americans are returning again to the same question that confronted them four years ago: does Mormonism constitute a chasm which Christians cannot bridge in good faith.

11 Feb. 2012 Posted by John Snyder in Podcast: ITPS Weekly

Weekly ITPS: Christianity and Conservatism: The Problem

What does it mean to be a conservative and how should a Christian think about the politics of the Right?  Is the impulse to settle for “half a loaf” a wise and prudential political view?  How does “lawlessness” disease in the institutions of our republic?  Is being a constitutionalist merely a political view or is respect for law a fundamentally moral view of life?  Listen in as Mr.

29 Jan. 2012 Posted by Alexandra Berauer in the 12:21 Project

Obsessed with Life

Was on Garza Snyder Live in DC this afternoon. We kicked off by discussing the response to Rick Santorum's interview with CNN's Piers Morgan about abortion in cases of rape. You know, a little light banter to get things rolling.I thought Morgan's opening question was telling: "On abortion, you did harden your position on that as you got older--why was that?" I would have liked to stop Piers right there and ask why the view in favor of life is the "harder" position. Seems odd. I guess he was teeing the ball for the real question, which was "If you had a daughter who'd been raped and was pregnant and begging you to let her have an abortion, would you really then look her in the eye as her father and say no?"