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To the degree to which dialog and discussion are essential to the political and cultural health of a community, the avenues of political, religious, cultural, and economic discussion must be open and dynamic.

18 Mar. 2012 Posted by The Angry Man in Podcast: ITPS Weekly

Weekly ITPS: Of Eagle Feathers and Equal Rights

This week two stories have dominating the news cycle.  First, the Democratic Party’s strategy to vilify conservatives and strengthen its hold on the women’s vote now includes the now up-for-renewal Violence Against Women Act.  Second, this week federal officials issued permits to the Arapaho Indian Nation to kill two American Bald Eagles for religious ceremonial reasons, reversing over 30 years of administrative rulings against killing of the formerly endangered raptor.

13 Mar. 2012 Posted by Mr. Curmudgeon in Mr. Curmudgeon

Obama’s Drop in the Polls

It wasn’t selling arms to Mexican drug lords. It wasn’t passing a dictatorial health care mandate. It wasn’t his appointed board of health-care bureaucrats siding with silly, promiscuous college coeds over the Constitution’s First Amendment. It wasn’t his wasting  billions of taxpayer dollars on “green energy” boondoggles. All these expressions of a soul twisted by a deranged ideology did not bring down the president's approval ratings. The last straw for confused Americans was sky-high gas prices, over which President Barack Hussein Obama has little control.
7 Mar. 2012 Posted by Mr. Curmudgeon in Mr. Curmudgeon

Rush Limbaugh and Public Discourse

“I don’t know what’s in Rush Limbaugh’s heart, so I’m not going to comment on the sincerity of his apology,” said President Obama in a White House press conference regarding the conservative radio talk-show host’s mea culpa for lambasting a Georgetown University coed –who told Congress that her need for contraception trumped the Catholic Church’s First Amendment protections. “What I can comment on is the fact that … all decent folks can agree that the remarks that were made [by Limbaugh] don’t have any place in the public discourse,” said Obama.

5 Mar. 2012 Posted by Mr. Curmudgeon in Mr. Curmudgeon

There Goes That Constitution Again!

Despite the best efforts of Progressives, the United States Constitution keeps rearing its ugly head. On Monday, U.S. District Judge Benson Everett Legg declared Maryland’s draconian handgun permitting process unconstitutional. Under Maryland law, a “permit to carry” requires the applicant to prove he or she has “good and substantial reason” for carrying said firearm and that its possession is “necessary as a reasonable precaution against apprehended danger.” Needless to say, the law’s final arbiter of “necessary,” “reasonable” and the all-important “apprehended danger” falls to the Secretary of State Police Handgun Permit Review Board.

23 Feb. 2012 Posted by John Snyder in Through a Glass Darkly

Leap of Faith to the White House (Part II: Truth Matters)

*also see Part I: Leap of Faith 

I am decidedly persuaded that truth matters. I am decidedly convinced that a property of truth is that it adheres fully only to true things, which is to say that truth does not adhere to things that are false. The more truth we know, the more truth we are prepared to receive. The more true things we perceive, the more likely it is that we are alert to the presence of error in our judgment.